Friday, March 4, 2011

Old Fizziwig Ale - Samuel Adams

Ok, now that the flu has left the building, we can get back to our weekly beer drinking, um I mean reviewing. This week is a beer I have seen before but never really thought to try. Well, the cold has returned for a few days and the label on this beer really looks like it is a winter ale, perfect match right? Let’s see?

Old Fezziwig Ale – Samuel Adams

It pours darker than I thought it would, darker than a good brown ale but not quite as dark as a porter or stout, a very dark ruby brown. Has a nice head, sticks around nicely once it settles to a thin cap. It definitely gives you a winter ale smell, lots of spices, hints of cinnamon and nutmeg with an alcohol backbone. Oh, but this isn’t your ordinary winter ale, that gives you a burn in the belly from the alcohol. No, this goes down very smooth, no sign of alcohol at all, nice hints of the cinnamon that you got from the scent finishing with a small dose of bitterness from the hops, nicely balanced and laid out. Now that I have tasted the beer I can look at the bottle, I mistake the ginger scent for nutmeg, so it is really ginger not nutmeg that you get in the scent. And it is actually a Christmas beer, and I must say, this really would be good with some pumpkin pie ala mode.

So be sure to keep some of those winter ales, stouts and porters on hand till spring really has fully arrived cause ole mother nature likes to play tricks on us in March and April. Cheers beer friend.