Friday, August 27, 2010

Sch'Wheat - SweetWater

Sch’wheat, its Friday! I actually had planned on doing this beer a few weeks ago. I picked up some steaks and a six pack on a Saturday, fired up the grill and before I knew it, they were gone. So needless to say it is very good. So I made it a point to find some more, and make sure I save at least one for the following Friday review.

Sch’Wheat – SweetWater Brewing Co.

It pours only slightly cloudy, not nearly as cloudy as some wheat beers. A nice golden yellow color with a fair head. You get a sweet smell mixed with the flowery hops. The taste is very smooth and crisp with a light mouthfeel. A light wheat taste followed by a nice touch of hops that don’t overpower the entire beer and leave you with a bitter taste. I like to try the SweetWater beers because they are just up the road an hour or so but this and 420 are the only ones I like so far. I’m not a fan of their Blue (blueberry beer) but still want to try a real Black and Blue (Guinness and SweetWater Blue).

I was also hoping that reviewing a beer from the ATL would get my Braves back to winning, no so much, they are down 7-0 so far against the Marlins in the top of the 7th. Oh well, it’s still Braves baseball, and if I survived the 70s/80s with these Braves I’m sure I can handle anything they do now and days. So go ahead and relax, pick up a beer you’ve never heard of and think outside the box. Cheers!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Levitation Ale - Stone Brewing Co

Well another week another beer, so here we go. I survived the 107F golf outing of last Saturday only because of lots and lots of liquids, mostly water with a little beer thrown in. I even came out $10 to the good, always nice when that happens. This week’s entry into the beer blog is from one of my favorite breweries, not only do they have really good beer, they also give you a good long description and story of the beer you are consuming on the back of the bottle. Now, I always try to have no real knowledge of the beer before I review it, so, even though there is a description and story there, I will wait till I finish the beer to read it.

Stone Levitation Ale – Stone Brewing Co.

As you can see, it pours a deep burnt orange/brownish color with a massive head. The scent is all over the place with smells and I even get a little peppery burn in my nose. Interestingly enough though, the taste is not as nearly as complex as the smell is, very smooth at the beginning but you are then hit with the spicy pepper that you get when smelling the beer. Some burnt malts mixing very nice with the bitterness of the hops. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this beer, being called ‘Levitation’ Ale and all, but it is a very complex, yet smooth beer very easy to enjoy. I am also very impressed with the head on this beer, it has been at least 20 minutes since I poured this beer and it still has a very nice creamy head. Most good beers will create this thick of a head at the initial pour but it never last this long. The more I drink it the easier it is to drink, the true sign of a good beer.

So, once again I ask that you try and stay cool, enjoy the weekend and definitely relax with a nice cold one beer friend. Cheers!


Friday, August 13, 2010

Drifter - Widmer Bros

Well if you are able to peel yourself off the pavement after another hotter than #$%! week, I have another summer beer to help cool ya down. Now, I’m not sure if it is a seasonal beer but it is a good beer to consume in these dog days of summer. It also comes highly recommended, so anytime I have someone tell me how awesome a beer is I at least have to give it a try, if for no other reason than to see if they have some sort of good taste or not.

the Original Drifter Pale Ale – Widmer Brothers

It pours a really cool color of burnt orange with a thick creamy head. You immediately pick up on some citrus scents, almost grapefruit. The taste is almost exactly like the smell. You get a nice bit of malts at the beginning than the citrusy/grapefruit taste hits you making for a remarkably refreshing beer. This is one of the few beers I wish I had bought a 12 pack of, especially since I am going to be playing golf tomorrow and the heat index is supposed to be 107, yeah you read it, One Hundred Seven degrees!

So beer friend, please try and stay cool and hydrated, I’m going to do my best. Maybe this heat wave we are in will soon be gone, its not so much the heat I’m tired of as the fact that this is giving the global warming clowns something to argue with. Cheers!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Wacko - Magic Hat

Ok people, another hot week has passed so I’ll keep the summer beers coming. I really hope this beer is better than the only other beer from this brewer I have had. They have a vast array of beers in their lineup but I have only tried one and it is a little too fruity for me. As for this beer, it is advertised as being a ‘beer with beet juice color’; hopefully they just mean the color and not actual beet juice.

WACKO – Magic Hat Brewing Company

Well, not sure if you can see it in t he picture but it does have a red pinkish color to it with a small thin head. Not real sure what I pick up in the scent, it really smells like a homebrew. Most homebrews I have brewed and sampled have a unique, ‘can’t really tell what that is’ smell. The very first taste was quite unique with a surprising bitter bite at the end. I find myself at a loss for what this taste is. I have never had beet juice so I have no idea if it really is made with beet juice. After the first few swallows the bite calms down at the end and it really does become a very good summer thirst quencher.

Ok, a bit of good news for my fellow beer friends, here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD have a few brews a day. Cheers!