Friday, August 27, 2010

Sch'Wheat - SweetWater

Sch’wheat, its Friday! I actually had planned on doing this beer a few weeks ago. I picked up some steaks and a six pack on a Saturday, fired up the grill and before I knew it, they were gone. So needless to say it is very good. So I made it a point to find some more, and make sure I save at least one for the following Friday review.

Sch’Wheat – SweetWater Brewing Co.

It pours only slightly cloudy, not nearly as cloudy as some wheat beers. A nice golden yellow color with a fair head. You get a sweet smell mixed with the flowery hops. The taste is very smooth and crisp with a light mouthfeel. A light wheat taste followed by a nice touch of hops that don’t overpower the entire beer and leave you with a bitter taste. I like to try the SweetWater beers because they are just up the road an hour or so but this and 420 are the only ones I like so far. I’m not a fan of their Blue (blueberry beer) but still want to try a real Black and Blue (Guinness and SweetWater Blue).

I was also hoping that reviewing a beer from the ATL would get my Braves back to winning, no so much, they are down 7-0 so far against the Marlins in the top of the 7th. Oh well, it’s still Braves baseball, and if I survived the 70s/80s with these Braves I’m sure I can handle anything they do now and days. So go ahead and relax, pick up a beer you’ve never heard of and think outside the box. Cheers!


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  1. hey great blog, some really interesting beers, making me very jealous!