Friday, August 6, 2010

Wacko - Magic Hat

Ok people, another hot week has passed so I’ll keep the summer beers coming. I really hope this beer is better than the only other beer from this brewer I have had. They have a vast array of beers in their lineup but I have only tried one and it is a little too fruity for me. As for this beer, it is advertised as being a ‘beer with beet juice color’; hopefully they just mean the color and not actual beet juice.

WACKO – Magic Hat Brewing Company

Well, not sure if you can see it in t he picture but it does have a red pinkish color to it with a small thin head. Not real sure what I pick up in the scent, it really smells like a homebrew. Most homebrews I have brewed and sampled have a unique, ‘can’t really tell what that is’ smell. The very first taste was quite unique with a surprising bitter bite at the end. I find myself at a loss for what this taste is. I have never had beet juice so I have no idea if it really is made with beet juice. After the first few swallows the bite calms down at the end and it really does become a very good summer thirst quencher.

Ok, a bit of good news for my fellow beer friends, here are 5 reasons why you SHOULD have a few brews a day. Cheers!


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