Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lagunitas IPA

Labor Day weekend, where has the time gone? Good news, College Football season is here, bad news….can’t think of any. I had grand plans of reviewing a beer from the state of UGA’s weekly opponent, this week it was University of Louisiana-Lafayette, easy enough to get a good beer from Louisiana and next week is USC (east), once again, easy enough to get good beer from South Carolina. The problem comes in week 3, Arkansas; I have no way of getting my hands on any craft beer from Arkansas. So, me being as superstitious as I am, I was not about to do it for some and not all of them and bring some bad mojo on the Dawgs.

So, with all that said, I have had this beer in my fridge for several months now, it being an IPA and all I have put it off as long as possible but I had to try it sooner or later. So here it is, Lagunitas IPA by Lagunitas Brewing Co. (say “lah-goo-KNEE-tuss”). I emailed my notes to myself last night, here is my exact quote “Odd color for an IPA. Looks more like a wheat ale than an IPA. Odd scent also, slightly sweet with citrusy hops mixed in. Good mixture of malt and hops. Very drinkable ipa”. It has an orangeish color to it just like the wheat ale I’m drinking right now. Me not being of the IPA fan club I never understood the statement by other beer geeks that an IPA didn’t have enough malt for the beer to stand on, I mean, an IPA is supposed to be hoppy right? Well, now I understand, this beer had a good malt front end followed by the massive hop flavors making it very well balanced and nice to drink. I may need to revisit some of the other IPAs I have had to get a real impression.

So, the dawgs win, I’m at the beach & it’s a 3-day weekend, what else could be better? Maybe if the Braves win tonight that would be the cherry on top. So cheers my friend and grab yourself a cold one on this long weekend.


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