Friday, October 15, 2010

Fat Dog - Stoudts

OK, so another week in the books and here are again wasting away on a Friday night, at least we still have the MLB playoffs going on even if the Braves couldn’t do the new math of 11 for 6. We are finally getting some nice cool weather so here come the thick heavy beers. This week I will go where I have never gone before, an Imperial Oatmeal Stout. I have had an Oatmeal Porter if you recall and enjoyed it very much, not sure exactly what the Imperial style brings to the table but will check with Beer Advocate after the review.

Stoudts – FAT DOG (Imperial Oatmeal Stout)

It has a smell of really rich chocolate roasted malt, if you could ever smell thickness this would be it. It also poured really thick almost syrupy and black in color then forming a nice thick tight creamy head. The first taste is a slight bit of alcohol that mellows for just a second but then really hits you hard, hitting the stomach very heavy as a shot of whiskey might. The last lingering taste is a small bit of licorice which normally I wouldn’t like but it actually helps with this beer. After the third or fourth sip, you begin to enjoy the experience and realize this is a beer that you will want to take your time consuming, making sure to notice each slight taste sensation being created. Just like the Oatmeal Porter, this beer is very thick and creamy, most definitely a meal in a glass.

Enjoy the weekend cause Monday is here before you know it beer friend.


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  1. that does look good indeed, enjoy your weekend!