Friday, January 14, 2011

Torpedo Extra IPA - Sierra Nevada

Who’s ready for spring? ME! There’s a reason I live in the south, I. Don’t. Like. Cold. Weather. So, now that the 2011 ice age has passed I thought if I reviewed a beer more suited for warm weather, well, I might at least feel warmer and who knows, maybe I’ll be like the ground hog and bring spring here sooner rather than later. And with spring time comes God’s sport, Baseball, well it’s America’s sport anyway which is good enough for me.

Torpedo Extra IPA – Sierra Nevada

Not sure what to expect with this beer, is it an extra IPA as in it has more hops than the normal IPA or is it extra as in a higher alcohol content than a normal IPA, a-la Dogfish Head’s 60-minute, 90-minute, 120-minute IPA’s? I do know that it is one of only a handful of beers I have consumed that I could smell as soon as I opened the beer. And for someone who doesn’t like IPA’s, I sure do love the way they smell though, and this one had such a lovely citrus tone to it. It also pours like a summer wheat beer, very orange and cloudy with a nice frothy head. Ok, after the first taste I think I know what they mean by extra, this is the hoppiest beer I think I have ever had. I was so blown away by the bitterness that I had to take several more taste to try and pick up the other flavors; sadly I’m not able to, other than a slight sweetness, but I really struggle to even find that. I guess this would be a hop-head’s dream beer, well, if it brings me spring time it will be well worth it. A quick look at the label tells me this is also a 7.2% abv beer so the extra could be for both, hops and a high ABV.

A few quick notes about the blog in the upcoming weeks, I really hope to have a list of beers, maybe not the standard top 5 and bottom 5 but more of most interesting to least interesting. I also hope to be able to continue doing at least one beer a week but not sure. I really wanted to see if I could do this thing for a full year, last week’s post made it a year with a few extra’s thrown in. So Cheers!



  1. Keep doing it! Excellent as usual, T dawg. My thoughts, unsolicited.... Sort and arrange (by the years worth you just drank) your Top 10 overall and then maybe the Top 5 or so in ea catagory--ie IPA, Stout4, etc--this then will become not only good reading but a source of reference---then to take the "requirement" off your back, maybe profile a beer a month, or what beer goes best with what food--all of which are "4 Boys Brew recommends..."

  2. Todd,
    You have to know I've already sampled this one!

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is definitely in my top 5, so this one was a logical choice for me to try. I've bought it several times. I still like the pale ale best, but this one is good for a change. For me, this one is aboutna two beer at a time max. I don't know if that's b/c of the alcohol contentnor then amount of hops, but after about two, I don't think you're gettingnthenfull flavor of of the beer, if that makes any sense. Anyway, good review. Keep them coming!