Friday, June 18, 2010

Kind Bud...emm I mean Beer.

Kind Bud..I mean Beer. That’s this week’s brew. I’m a sucker for the small local brewer that barely hangs on and probably could make tons more money doing something else (that he hates). This is the only brewery that I have actually been to; it was to buy home brew supplies nit tour the brewery (wharehouse). Pretty cool to go in and have the brewmaster ask, “Can I help you”, and right there in a small corner of their brewery was all of the home brew supplies. I saw some guy boxing up the empty unlabeled bottles, another guy getting the hand trucks ready. It really was a 3-4 man operation, really cool, I almost hated to bother them by asking for some supplies but they were more than happy to help.

Now, the brewery is Thomas Creek in Greeneville, SC. I’m not sure if Kind Beer is theirs or if they just contract brew it for someone else that doesn’t have a brewery yet but I still like to support them. Oh and they do have good beer, so when I saw this at a Vickery’s in Mount Pleasant, SC this week I had to get it. I normally do these reviews on Friday night but I knew my time would be very this Friday as I’ll be headed to Panama City Beach to play in the oil come Saturday morning. So, given that I found a craft beer on Wed and it was from a good small brewery, problem solved right, just type my notes into the Blackberry and then write it up real quick on Friday.

So to the beer, Kind Beer Belgian Style Red Ale, here's the brewer link also.

It poured a really nice color of red with a thick, creamy off-white head, even if I did have to pour it this old style beer mug instead of the more elegant Belgian style tulip glass. I immediately smell the strong yeast that should accompany a Belgian style ale. If you’ve ever brewed your own beer and taken I whiff of the yeast before you pitch it, this is what this beer smells like. The first taste is the sweet taste of malts that quickly gives way to the yeast and almost no sign of hops. The mouthfeel is thick and creamy but very smooth and drinkable.

Now, I’m off to the beach and I’m sure I’ll have plenty of drinks to keep me hydrated in the Florida heat. Your job, relax cause it’s the weekend and be sure to have a drink on me and if you decide to fire up that grill, I like my steak medium rare, just tell me when and where. Cheers!



  1. Okay, so I hate to say this but today is the first day I actually took the time to check out your blog....Pretty F'n cool!!!! I had no idea that you were that into beer.
    Nice job on the blog too, very entertaing read. I will be back!!!!

    Tracy Hefner

  2. Really Tracy, you've never heard your husband and I discuss beer, any and every time we end up at Ben and Barbie's. Sad, sad, sad.