Friday, June 25, 2010

Slim Chance - RedHook Ale Brewery

What are the odds I get to hang out down in here in Florida for another week? Slim Chance ha….well that’s what we get this Friday, Slim Chance from RedHook Ale Brewery. I wanted to either get a local brew or a summer brew non-Corona, non-Bud Light Lime, non-Miller Chill, you know, a craft beer summer brew. Well, I found a local Irish Red that is brewed down here in the gulf, was just about to grab a sixer when my wife tells me I have to back in the grocery store next door to show my ID. You see, I left her with the groceries and credit card while I ran next door to the beer store, not a good idea. When I got through with the over anal cashier I forgot all about what beer I was looking at and found this.

Now, I have said it here and I am a true believer that beer is meant to be poured, consumed out of a glass, but there is just something about sitting on the balcony at the beach that makes me drink the beer out of a bottle, and honestly, I did have it first out of a glass and I must say I like it better in the bottle. I also usually write these reviews as I drink it for the first time and without checking out any info on the beer. Well, this is the fifth on of these this week so that is out of the window but at least I still have yet to visit their website on this beer. You can do that here if you like. So I’m not sure if it is an ale or a lager, seems pretty light for an ale but you never know. The initial taste gives you a slight tingle on the tongue followed by a nice refreshing crisp summer taste with a slight citrus tang to it. No malt at all and very little hops yet it still taste like a craft beer, not at all like a mega-brew mass appeal beer, which I know it’s not. It is even a light beer coming in at only 125 calories and 3.9 % ABV. This could be my new summer beer for sure, easy to drink, good quality taste, doesn’t fill you up, three thumbs up all around.

So I must say, in this time of global warming (not), it’s just the sun dude, this is the beer for all my fellow beer geeks, craft brew lovers to try. I know I will be grabbing more. Cheers!


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