Friday, July 2, 2010

PALM - Belgium's Amber Beer

Boom, Bang, Pop!!! Yes I know, that was a weak attempt at some fireworks but that is all I got, sorry. Anyway, hope everyone has a happy Fourth of July, and as I type this I realize I made a big goof. I was out of town for the latter part of this week (Wed – Fri) so on the way home tonight I called my wife and asked her to move a beer from my broken fridge, yes it is down again and has been for a while, to the family fridge so it would be cold when I got home and could do my review. This is where I made the mistake, I completely missed the boat on it too, I told her any beer would do when I should have said get me an AMERICAN beer, you know it being Fourth of July and all. MY BAD! But at least I bring you a beer from the mother land of all beer, Belgium; I’ll even use a Belgian style tulip glass.

PALM, Belgium’s Amber Beer 

It pours and really nice true amber color with a very decent cream colored head. Not very much scent going on, maybe a little floral fruity notes, most likely from the yeast. Taste is just about the same, not really anything that jumps out at you, slightly sweet at the front end with no hops what-so-ever in the back end. You only get a slight taste of yeast right when you would expect some hops to kick in. Not that it is bad or anything but I guess I was really expecting something with a little more pizzazz. The bottle says it is Belgian’s leading Amber Beer, pretty big claim don’t you think, but hey, Bud says it’s the King of Beers right.

So to make up for my gaff, goof, screwup or whatever you want to call it, maybe I’ll do something on July 4th, even if it is Sunday and the south looks down on drinking that day. So till then, be sure to use that SPF 50+ while lounging by the pool and relaxing on this 3 day weekend. Cheers!


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