Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bald Eagle Brown - RJ Rockers

OK so hopefully I can redeem myself for the goof on Friday’s review. I slow cooked some ribs, grilled some corn and even managed to shoot off some fireworks for the kids. Oh, and squeezed in an AMERICAN craft beer for this special review. What better name for a beer to review on the 4th of July than ‘Bald Eagle Brown’ from RJ Rockers brewing Company in Spartanburg SC.

It pours a deep, dark red that is almost brown and has a creamy head. You get the sweet scent of malts mixed with some earthy hop tones. The taste is almost just as the smell, semi-sweet taste of bittersweet chocolate with the hops adding some more bitterness at the end but finishing fairly smooth and creamy. A very nice English Brown Ale, which as I have said before is probably my favorite style. Nothing out of balance in this style of beer.

Well I hope you had a good 4th of July and if you are off tomorrow have a nice relaxing Monday cause it only makes Tuesday that much worse. Cheers!


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