Tuesday, April 27, 2010

O'Dempsey's - Big Red Ale

Once again I give you a mid-week bonus review, mainly due to my selfishness but you still benefit right? Ok, I’ve been wanting to try this since my uncle gave it to me this past weekend but been a little short on time so I made time this evening. This is the kind of story you like to hear about as a craft beer geek/nut/fan. Now if I could just get enough people to like my beer I could be in the same boat right, ok maybe not but it’s still a cool story. Very similar to New Belgium Brewery or even Sweetwater Brewery and probably a lot of other small craft breweries to be honest. Very cool times for the craft beer world. Before I even try this beer I have a small complaint, the brewery name on the label is very hard to see much less read but I guess if its good I’ll just remember the beer name and label instead of the brewery. However I do like that it tells you the IBU’s (30) and the Original Gravity (1.058) and the ALC/VOL (6.0%).

So here we go with Big Red Ale by O’dempsey’s (Beer to die for) – Brewed and bottled by Atlanta Brewing Co via contract brewing. Again, probably like must small craft brewers, this is an easier way to start out. You get a brewery that has extra space, brewmasters, and equipment to brew your recipe, bottle you beer and both parties win. You get quality beer for your start-up brewery and the brewing brewery doesn’t see their equipment sitting idle.

It pours a deep ruby red almost brown and has a nice thick head but it doesn’t stick around too long. I’m guessing it is an ‘Irish Red’ and has a little more hoppy smell than most Irish Reds. The taste however is not nearly as hoppy and has good balance between the malt and hops. I even has a slight ‘homebrew’ taste to it, not sure if that is real or if I am just imagining that due to him being a lifelong homebrewer turned ‘pro’ and this being his first beer in production. Very drinkable, normal Irish Red, if and when this hits my market I will occasionally pick it up when in the mood for this style.

So enjoy this rare mid-week treat and pour one for me friend cause it will be Friday before we know it and we will all be right back here for another round. Cheers!


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