Friday, April 9, 2010

Peachtree Pale Ale

So with my beer review stock reduced to just two choices thanks to my brother-in-law from last Friday, I find this(which was to be reviewed tonight) yesterday at one of my many daily blogs I follow, so now I have only one beer to choose from. Not much of a choice is it? Oh well, kind of fitting that I review a Georgia beer since it is Masters Week and all, Yeah you know that big golf tournament they hold every spring in Augusta GA., the one that every single human should attend at least once in their lifetime, not necessarily for the golf but the sheer beauty of the entire facility over there. I have had the pleasure of going about a dozen times and I find myself in awe every time I step inside those gates. I even tried like heck to name my third son Robert Jones Kimball, ‘cause you know Robert (Bobby) Jones was the man behind the Masters. My first two sons were named after Georgia sports figures so it would fit right in; but the wife put the axe on that. Although he still got a cool name and it was still after a Georgia athlete, an Atlanta Brave nicknamed Maddog to be exact, kind of cool when the wife lets you name your kids, thanks Red. I have even been to Augusta National in the fall and winter (unfortunately for work not to play) when the golf tournament was long gone or far from starting and it was still just as perfect, perfect I tell you. But enough of that, this isn’t a golf blog (I’ll save those stories for my book) it’s a beer blog. So I give you beer fans –

Red Brick Peachtree Pale Ale – American Style Pale Ale from Atlanta Brewing Co.

Interesting tid-bit on the name, when I first started brewing beer 3-4 years ago, the first batch of red ale I brewed I called Red Brick Ale, then I saw that Atlanta Brewing Co had that name for themselves, oh well, it’s not like I was going to be the next Jim Koch or anything, (he is the founder of Sam Adams for those not as geeky about beer as moi).

The first scent through me for a loop, at first I thought it might be a bad batch cause it smelled slightly ruined. Then I remembered that I cleaned my beer fridge the other day and the glass my still smell of cleaner. Grab a fresh glass and transfer beer and ahh, that’s better. Nice floral hop tones but not over powering, almost no malt but that is to be expected in an American Pale Ale. The pour is a cloudy orange with a nice thick head, kind of odd to have a pale ale be cloudy but whatever. Very light mouthfeel and very refreshing with a good bit of hops kicking in right at the end, really crisp for an ale. All in all a standard American pale ale, not too much malt mixed with a good dose of hops. Fairly easy to drink, especially when it is as nice outside as it is right now, mid 70’s and not a cloud in the sky. Might have to make this a regular in the beer fridge, or at least rotate them in every few months. So go have a beer for me, or better yet, if you’re in the Greenville SC area, check out Top of the Hops beer festival this weekend. Cheers my friend.


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