Friday, April 16, 2010

Wild Blue Lager

Whoa what a week. I started a running program a few weeks ago and my knees have officially waged war against the rest of my body, they refuse to work and are trying to sabotage my brain, it sure isn’t easy getting old. On a better note, my boss treated me to a round of golf Wednesday afternoon, which didn’t help the knee war but was better than the running. He also provided me with this week’s beer review. Now, before I get to the review let me first say I will try just about any beer, no matter what it is made with or from, peaches, cherries, blueberries, rice, wheat, etc… But I have a hard time trying anything from AB/Inbev but decided to take my boss’ advice and try…

Wild Blue Lager – Blue Dawg Brewing**, Baldwinsville, NY

** Two things wrong with this –

1. DAWG is to be used only by us southerners, not them D@MN Yankees (I married one so I can say that).

2. Blue Dawg Brewing is a group within Anheuser-Busch, Inc. (says so right on the website).

Ok, so here I go, kicking, screaming, scratching, and clawing, nah it isn’t really that hard to get me to try a beer.

Well, as you hopefully can see by the picture, it pours a, um, how shall I say, oh, purple rose color and has a thin pinkish head. Really, purple beer, now I’ve heard of green beer on St Patrick’s Day, but purple, hmm I’m kind of scared. It smells very similar to a cheap wine you used to drink in high school; you know the one from somebody’s farm or something. Well the first taste is about the same, pretty much just like a cheap fruity wine that my wife would like. Hey, there’s an idea, let’s see what the wife thinks. Ok, she likes it and doesn’t really like beer but says, and I quote “this is probably the worst beer you have ever had isn’t it”. You get a slight taste of alcohol, once again similar to what wine gives you. Well what else can I say; this ain’t any beer that a self respecting beer connoisseur would like. Man how am I going to break it to my boss, hmm, I know, I’ll just tell him I couldn’t find any. Nah, he isn’t the best judge of beers anyway as his last recommended beer was almost just as bad and I rag him about it every chance I get, this will just add to the ammunition.

On a better side of things, I got to see some high school baseball this evening and even saw my nephew hit his first ever homerun. So even if your boss recommends you try a really bad beer, life is still good, just let the wife finish it and grab yourself a real beer my friend.

Speaking of baseball, check out this link to see where your favorite team got it’s mascot from, or go here to see some really good beers. I’m not sure how much faith I have in some of these judges though. I brew my own beer every blue moon or two and had a bad batch. For the life of me couldn’t figure out what was wrong. “Hey, enter that skunky beer in one of those contest” says my buddy, “they will tell you what is wrong”. Well, not exactly, they kind of liked it and gave me a good score. Oh well, I can always ship them the remaining case and they can have a party on me. Cheers my friend.


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  1. What a surprise... Dale recommended a crappy beer!