Friday, March 19, 2010

Allagash White

OK, what is it with me and electronics? First my 'beer fridge' died week before last then yesterday my hard drive in my laptop bit the dust, WTH! So to pass my misory I enjoyed a plate of wings at Wild Wing Cafe and had a 'Black and Tan' followed by a nice surprise, a 'black and blue' (Guinness and Blue Moon).

I normally don't like Blue Moon as I find it too sweet, but mixed with Guinness it makes for a very smooth, creamy beer with just a hint of citrus sweetness. So it gets two thumbs up from the ole fourboysbrewpub himself.

Well, today I figured I would continue the Belgain wit theme with :

Allagash White by Allagash Brewing Co.

First, I normally say no to beers with twist of caps but I had heard good things about this beer so why not right? Well, there was no twisting this cap, I had to use a bottle opener. Good sign or bad sign? We shall see. Plus, any beer with pouring directions on the bottle has to be worth trying cause at least they think enough of their beer to tell you the proper way to pour to ensure the most satisfaction.

The head is decent but didn't stick around too long. The color is a cloudy orange, imagine 1 part sweet tea and 2 parts orange juice, just how an unfiltered wheat should be. The scent is a good bit of orange peel and spice mixed in, definitely a beer for the spring time. You can taste the orange but it's not overpowering with sweetness. The spices balance things out very nicely. Oh why didn't I buy a six pack? This will be a nice beer to unwind with after a long spring day in the yard. It might even replace the Margarita for the daily beach drink, who knows.

So life ain't so bad, even if I have to occasionally kick start the beer fridge and rebuild my laptop come Monday cause there is always good beer to be had right?


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