Friday, March 26, 2010

Saranac Brown Ale

Alrighty then, with my laptop all better now and my fridge working for 10 days straight, I bring you fine people

Saranac Brown Ale by Matt Brewing Co

Brown Ales are probably my favorite style, they provide a nice balance between malts and hops but each having their own say in how the final taste comes out.

The pour is a nice, brown with a hint of red color and thick head that settles to a thin cap that leaves plenty of lacing. The hops take most of the scent but mix very well with the malt, definitely how a beer should smell. Lets you know you’ll be enjoying a full complement of flavors without knocking you over. First sip gives you a sweetness one would expect that slowly gives way to the hop bitterness. Mouthfeel is lighter than I expected but that just makes it easier to consume. This may be a bad thing if you only have one in the fridge like me. The only down side may be the slight, and I mean slight, astringent after taste this beer leaves behind. So it gets 1.8 thumbs up instead of 2, but who’s keeping score.

Usually I finish writing and posting the review way before I finish the beer, but this one is already ¾ of the way gone. Still have to edit the photo and post, hmmm. Long week + good beer = empty glass, life’s rough ain’t it. So go ahead and join me in this toast to life fellow beer friend and have a pint on me, you can even send me the bill, I’ll pay for it, I promise. I wouldn’t kid about something like this. Cheers!


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