Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo amigo! No, I’m not starting to offer a Spanish version of my blog, I slept so much in high school Spanish class that the teacher changed my name to Pepe Sueño (which means Pepe sleepy one) so in no way do I know enough Spanish to even begin to write in Spanish. Cinco de Mayo is the holiday that most people think of as the Mexican version of Fourth of July, their independence day, not true, that is actually September 15th. May 5th is the day 4000 Mexico soldiers won a battle with the French army in 1862. American’s just use the date to get their drink on, just like we do for St. Patty’s day.

So, to do my part, I wanted to seek out a Mexican beer that I hadn’t tried before. Now that meant I had my work cut out for me unless I wanted to take a trip to Mexico. I think I have had every Mexican beer offered in the US at least a dozen times, and to be honest, they all taste the same except for Negro Modelo which is what I had actually picked out till I was talked in to this. As much as I wanted to try it cause I had never had it, I wanted to pass on it because of the cheesy Ed Hardy label, but here we are.

Ed Hardy Premium Beer – Brewed and bottled by Cerveceria Mexicana, S. de R. L. de C. V., Tecate

So, I hope you can tell by the photo that it appears like any other ‘Premium’ beer or Mexican style beer. Very light, yellow pale, clear but it does actually produce a nice big head even if it isn’t a tight thick head, and it even managed to stick around tell the end. The scent was of some corn and straw, not to pleasant when talking about beer but very similar to American Lagers. This beer seemed more watered down though and not much flavor, very close to what Miller Lite is like when poured in a glass. That coming from someone who can handle Miller Lite if it is in the bottle or even the can but I just really don’t care for it at all once it is poured in the glass, which goes against my number one rule of beer – BEER IS TO BE POURED. Oh well, Miller Lite isn’t really beer is it? So maybe this beer would have been a lot better if I had consumed it straight out of this gawdy looking bottle.

Well I guess I did my part to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, I tried a new Mexican beer, ate crunchy tacos and lettuce. So, maybe Friday will have better things in store for us beer geeks, till then, cheers my friend.


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