Friday, May 28, 2010

Southern Tier - 422

Well he we are, Friday before Memorial Day. First and foremost let me give a big thanks to all those who have served our nation, it takes a special type of person to put their life on the line for someone they have never met. We cannot even begin to repay their families for their sacrifice, but here is my humble thanks.

This week’s beer grabbed my attention because it mixes two of my favorite styles, Pale Ale and Wheat Beer. So we have a Pale Wheat Ale from Southern Tier…422. Label says make everyday Earth Day. Now, I’m not one of those tree huggers or anything but I also would like to think we can keep the place we call home a little cleaner so our kids and grandkids can enjoy themselves, moderation is the key.

Ok, the beer, it pours a golden orange with just a slight hue, not crystal clear or super hazy, kind of in the middle. It has a nice head that settles to nice thin cap. The scent is bursting with hops with a little wheat hiding in the background, basically what you would think you get mixing the two styles. The taste however is almost the opposite of the scent, wheat dominating and the hops being subtle. It works very nicely though I must say. Much like a good springtime/summertime wheat beer it doesn’t come across as being heavy and would lend itself to multiplicity. Hey, if I can have a good beer like this and it somehow help the ‘earthies’, I can live with that.

So fire up the grill, clean the pool and relax on this 3 day weekend, and don’t forget those who have given us the freedom to do so. Cheers beer friend and military veteran, this beer is on me.


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