Friday, May 21, 2010

Coastal Wheat - Sam Adams

So a few quick reasons why I picked this beer for this week’s review: one, I thought I was reviewing a wheat beer last week but turns out it was just a fruit ale, so I had to make that up and really review a wheat beer this week. Two, it is officially ‘Craft Beer Week’ and I consider this brewer the real catalyst behind the craft beer movement we are in today. I know you have Fritz Maytag from Anchor Brewing and Ken Grossman from Sierra Nevada but I think Jim Koch from Boston Beer Co aka Samuel Adams really got craft beer on the map. So I give you this week’s review in the form of:

Coastal Wheat by Samuel Adams

It pours a light cloudy orange like one might expect from a wheat beer. The nose grabs a bit of a sour scent which I hope is the yeast coming through and not a sign of a bad/spoiled beer. Upon first taste I think the sourness smell is correct as I pick up a very distinct citrus tingly taste on the tongue, very similar to that of Allagash White, another very good wheat beer. Not a lot of hops to this beer and it is definitely a summer time beer. I also imagine it may do very well with a slice of orange or lemon squeezed in there but I like to judge beers on their own before I go adding extra ingredients, orange slice, lime wedge, salt, etc… All in all a beer we have come to expect from Samuel Adams, a good quality, fresh tasting beer.

I found another pretty cool blog this week. I’m not one for cigars although I would love to start; this site does a nice job pairing fine cigars with fine drinks. Doesn’t everyone that smokes a cigar while sipping a scotch/wine/beer just look so dang relaxed, like they haven’t a care in the world? Must be nice ha, oh well, cheers my friend ‘cause it’s Friday all over again and we have plenty of time for some of that relaxing.


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