Friday, May 14, 2010

Wild Raspberry Ale - Great Divide Brewing Co

OK so I have been officially thrown some love from other bloggers, ok just one but still, I guess that means I have to step up my game to make sure it doesn’t get stale. So if any of you out there are Dawg fans return the favor and check out Bernie’s Dawg Blawg, thanks Bernie. Also, I hate to admit it to any of the beer snobs out there but I actually drink Miller Lite on a regular basis so this post made me laugh, a lot, especially the picture. Well, maybe tonight’s review will fare better with the beer snobs of the world that may find their way to my small, remote corner of the WouldWideWeb. This will be the first beer I have had from this brewery but everything I have heard about them is good so hopefully this beer is also. I’ve said it before that I will try any beer at least once no matter what the crazy brewer decides to throw in the kettle. I also like a good wheat beer in the heat of summer, yes I know it isn’t summer yet but you don’t live in what feels like the hottest place on the face of the earth either, middle Georgia. Just ask anybody who has lived here from May to September and they’ll swear it is he_ _, ok maybe they mean something other than heat. Let’s get to the beer shall we.

Wild Raspberry Ale – Great Divide Brewing Co. (Denver CO). Once again another craft brewery from Colorado.

After the last ‘Wild something or other’ beer you would think I would stay away from “WILD” in the name and fruit in the beer but I had to try it. The color is in no way like that other ‘wild’ beer; this one has more of a normal beer color, brown with a red tint, very close to an Irish Red Ale. Not much in the way of a head though and that made me realize, this is not a wheat beer, I just assumed it was because that is what usually get infused with fruit. Interesting. The smell is a mixture of sourness, sweetness, raspberries and alcohol, having tremors thinking it might be like the last ‘wild’ beer I reviewed. Well relax, it isn’t nearly that bad, in fact it is pretty tasty, I think the tartness helps balance the sweetness then you get just a slight hint of hops to finish you off. Not really a traditional beer flavor to be found but you still know your drinking beer and not some sort of wine you uncle fermented in his orange Coleman cooler. After checking out their website they have plenty of brews I can check out, next time I’m in a good beer store I will have to grab a few others.

So make it a good weekend kids, I sure am. I might even find some more GDBC brews and have a grill out. Which I must say is different from a BBQ, a BBQ must contain PORK, be it a shoulder, ribs, etc.., simply throwing something on the grill doesn’t constitute a BBQ, that is just grilling, more on that at a later date or even a new blog, hmmm. Cheers!



  1. Just bought the wife a six pack yesterday. I might try one. No I won't. Okay, maybe.

  2. Go ahead and try one, you only live once. Unlike most fruit beers I think this one would be better some time in the Fall.